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    The school counseling program here at South Shore is off to another great start! We have a variety of activities that are going on right now to support your child’s social and emotional development. South Shore School is taking part in a Response to Intervention pilot project that has given us the opportunity to join the “School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports” program. This program emphasizes the teaching and re-teaching of routines, procedures, and appropriate behaviors in an effort to improve students’ behavior which, in turn, will lead to greater academic success. Teachers have been busy in classrooms teaching specific lessons designed to teach students behavior expectations for all areas in the school and providing students with lots of guidance and positive feedback about their behavior.

    Another school-wide program we have in place to aid students in their social emotional development is Second Step.  This curriculum is designed to build empathy, teach problem solving skills, and give children the tools they need to manage strong feelings and avoid conflicts. Lessons are taught weekly in classrooms and teachers provide children with opportunities to practice a particular skill throughout the week. Class meetings are yet another strategy to improve behavior, teach skills to help children solve problems, and strengthen the sense of community within the classroom and throughout the school. Class meetings are held weekly. Additional meetings may occur as needed to address issues in the classroom that require a group effort in order to reach a solution.

    If you have any questions about school counseling or about school wide programs to support student development, please feel free to contact me at 206-252-7566 or

    ~ Daniel Gagnon, School Counselor