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Spring Attendance Campaign!
 The Attendance Campaign for the month of March starts March 18th.  The challenge begins for all students to Come to School every day, one time.  We will roll out our new Attendance Incentive Program by selecting (2) Elementary students and (2) Middle School student winners for Perfect Attendance with No Tardies from March 18-31st at our April Habit of the Heart Assembly.   All Perfect Attendance with no Tardies will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card shopping trip with someone from our Attendance Team.   This is just the beginning we will roll out with an even bigger more exciting prize for the month of May.  The Challenge is On for All students!  On time...every day...the Sea Dragon Way!
PreK Enrollment at South Shore
 Hello Prospective Sea Dragon PreK Families,
This spring, the Seattle School Board approved a revision to the enrollment process for South Shore PREK only.   In addition to the general enrollment forms completed at the Enrollment Processing Center at the John Stanford Center, a second form indicating income eligibility is also required.  If this second form was not provided to you during Enrollment, you will be contact by a South Shore staff member - it will not impact your Open Enrollment deadline.  This new process will help South Shore school prioritize a portion of its seats for students who, along with other tie-breaker criteria that are consistent with SPS enrollment procedures, fall within the income eligibility guidelines for the PreK funding as a Steps Ahead program. This additional form and tie-breaker criteria is only a requirement for South Shore PreK.

If you have questions about the income-eligibility form or process, please call Acquinetta Williams at 252.7600.
Laurie Morrison

2014-15 PTSA Auction
Our PTSA is rolling out the red carpet for the spring Auction, celebrating the superstar students of South Shore
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Rainier Beach Community Club
Tickets and information available on the Auction website.

League of Education Voters Foundation Report
The League of Education Voters Foundation is the partnering foundation with South Shore.
Attached is the 2013 Impact Report, suggesting that our 10 year investment with our children makes a positive impact on their learning and success.  Read below for the details of the report.

Early Learning
Check out the influence that South Shore's investment in early learning has on our broader community and with the City of Seattle!  South Shore implements the High Scope Curriculum and Approach in PreK and K.  This year, we are growing the influence of High Scope through first and second grade, creating a strong foundation of self direction, regulation, inspiration and purpose for our third through eighth graders

Getting to Know the Mood Meter
Have your children come home talking about a Green Day or maybe a Red moment they had at recess?
South Shore PK-8 uses the RULER Program, a curriculum designed to help build our students socioemotional well-being. If you would like to become more familiar with the Mood Meter, a visual tool to help students track their socioemotional wellbeing throughout the day, click on the link below.

Check out this great article about the RULER program from Our Schools Coalition - article
Parent Toolkit
The Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) is one assessment that the district uses to assess the students of Seattle Public Schools. At South Shore PK-8 this test is done in all grades twice a year. We have included a link to help you better understand the MAP
Mr. Nguon Chhorn - Bright Spirit. Magnificent Journey.
It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Mr. Nguon Chhorn, beloved Bright Spirit at South Shore PreK-8.  Mr. Chhorn retired in the Spring of 2014 after more than a decade of supporting our youngest Sea Dragons in PreK and K.  He was one of the original members of South Shore's instructional team, at the birth of South Shore with Gary Tubbs.  Mr. Chhorn witnessed the growth and development of so many South Shore students who he knew as preschoolers and as young adults.  He was recently showered with thanks by the promoted 8th grade class of 2013, who celebrated his love, care and support at the Gratitude Assembly. 
Additional information will be provided when released by Mr. Chhorn's loving family. 
He lives in the hearts of so many children and adults. 
South Shore School Supply List!
Recommended classroom supply lists per grade level will be available in the front office on Monday 8/25/14.  Lists were sent home in June and will also be sent on email to all families on 8/22/14.
Please note that needed supplies will be available for all students for their learning success. 
If your child would benefit from a "back to school" toolkit (backpack and supplies), please contact our Family Support Worker, Acquinetta Williams, 252.7600. 
Items that all classrooms always need:  tissue, hand sanitizer, and light, healthy snacks* (please note, South Shore is a sugar and peanut free school)

South Shore PreK-8 School is in the heart of the Rainier Valley and takes great pride in serving our 700 students and their families in 98118. We offer a full day PreK program, a strong focus on early learning from PreK-3rd grade, a robust commitment to Social-Emotional learning and leadership, small class sizes, a rigorous math curriculum in 5-8th grade, and a seamless transition from elementary to middle school. Our students enjoy a well-rounded educational day that includes art, physical education, music, instrumental music, Mandarin and outdoor education with our community garden. Our program features include a continuum of special education services, supports for English Language Learners, a generous after school program, and dynamic community partnerships that enhance both the school day and after school. 
                                   Laurie Morrison, Principal                                     

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